How to Wax a Car With Electric Buffer?

Not all that glitter is gold. When you have to face all the dirt and dust from roads, crammed parking, or even the constant threat of pigeon poop, it’s hard to tell how long that gloss would survive. No one would very much appreciate a weathered car, would they? That is why we look for ways not only to make our car shine but to preserve it for as long as we can.

how to wax a car with electric buffer

However, probably the easiest and fastest process to wax that charm would be using the electric buffer. There are many things to know before you start working waxing your car with an electric buffer. This includes preparation, additional material, choosing the suitable buffing kit, etc. Here, we will learn how to wax a car with an electric buffer. In the end, we will also give you tips and reviews on the best electric buffer polisher and buffing kit for cars. So, why wait? Let Get Started!


What is an Electric Buffer?

It’s basically a motor attached to a buffer. A car wax buffer is a device used to polish or wax your car. Sometimes it becomes tough to produce the shine and gloss you want. That is when an electric buffer comes in.

An electric buffer can significantly reduce the amount of time you take to wax or clean up a paint job, especially on your vehicle. Even though it may seem very complicated and hard to operate, it is effortless and efficient. With all the goods that come with it, let us look into how many types of electric car buffers are there.

Types of Electric Buffer

In short, there are mainly 2 types of the electric buffer. They are Rotary buffer and Orbital buffer. Now, we will learn more about them.

  • Rotary Buffer

It is the most professionally used car wax buffer. With the most power and buffing ability, a Rotary buffer contains a rotating pad that spins on a spindle but only in one direction. Its advantages are no orbit, no oscillation, and most importantly, no vibration. Its only drawback is that it offers the best performance in the hands of an expert, as concentrated spin in one area can cause damage to the surface.

  • Orbital Buffer

The orbital buffer is your best option for the lowest risk of damaging your car paint. It has a buffing pad that spins around on a spindle, both rotary and along the axis. This contributes to orbit, oscillation, and vibration.

There are three types of Orbital buffer based on how it spins. 

Namely- fixed orbital, dual-action random orbital, and dual-action forced rotation. If you are not an expert or a professional, a dual-action random orbital will come of good use to you.

Benefits of Waxing Your Car

Many people think that waxing your car makes your car look clean for a long time. Although true, that is not the only benefit waxing has to offer. Here, we will see 4 benefits that come along with waxing your car.

  • Scratch-Free

The ingredient used in the wax is designed to make it hard and enhance shine at any cost. As a result, it provides a thin layer of protection on the car paint’s surface. Whether we wash it by hand or in the car wash, there will constantly be grinding particles or scratches on the surface of the paint. The thin layer allows the dirt just to slide off, so there are no scratches while washing.

  • Protection from Exposure

Whether your vehicle is a car or SUV, it will be exposed to weather elements if you use it outside. There are many elements like tree sap, road salt, ultraviolet rays from the sun and snow that can damage your car’s paint. Due to oxidation, a common chemical reaction with the environment may gradually spoil the paint. 

Now, how does waxing help? It provides a thin layer above the paint to not react with the environment. That is why it is recommended to wax your car on a regular basis.

  • Cost Saving

You should know that it costs significantly more to have your car painted or fix the rusting. That is why most Car manufacturers recommend waxing the car. You can save a whole lot of money by taking care of your car. Waxing keeps your vehicle in great appearance for a long time. Your bucks are safe  

  • Increase Resale Value

Any customer would sincerely look into the condition of the car when they assess your car before buying. Waxing keeps your car in a better condition in the long run. So, if you ever need to sell your car, you can negotiate better for your shiny and glamorous car.

How to Buff a Car with Electric Buffer?

There is work to do before and after we wax with an electric car buffer. We will first see what to do before applying car wax with a buffer.

Before Buffing a Car

Before we start using a buffer to wax a car, there are 2 things to do:

  1. Washing 
  2. Masking

Let us see what we mean by that.

  • Washing

The car must be thoroughly washed. Just rinse the entire vehicle from top to bottom by cleaning in sections. When satisfied with the squeaky clean, rinse the whole car again and let it dry for some time.

Car Washing
  • Masking

Once your car is dry after cleaning, it is time to work on masking. Now, why do you mask it in the first place? While working with the Electric car Buffer, there will be a lot of heat on the surface. This can damage headlights, taillights, badges, moldings, etc. Masking protects these parts from burning or getting damaged. So, use masking tapes to cover up things that might be vulnerable. If you are using an Electric Buffer to wax your car, masking is highly recommended.

Required Material

You will need a total of 4 things-

  • An electric car buffer: But if you are not a professional, we recommend an Orbital Buffer.
  • A finishing pad (to apply the wax): In the next section, you will find that wax is applied to the buffer. You will need a finishing pad for that.
  • Liquid car wax: Of course, wax needs to be applied to the car. Pick one of your choices.
  • Microfiber towels: In the end, you have to wipe it clean. Microfibre towels are best for the job for scratch-free wipes.

Buffing the Car

Now, we have the buffing part. Here are a few things to take into consideration before you start buffing. Firstly, try to do this part in your garage or some shady areas. If you do this in the sun, the wax will dry too quickly before it fits nicely on the surface. It will be even harder to remove the wax later.

Secondly, do not buff in the rain or the snow. This will be an obstacle to the entire process, and in the end, you will have a car that has ruined wax. Assuming that you have taken care of the situation, let us see how to use a buffer to wax your car.

  1. Apply the wax of your choice to the finishing pad. Do not put all the wax on the center of the pad. Instead, spread it out in small drops all over the pad. If you are not good at applying on a guess, we recommend using an applicator.
  2. Now rub the wax all over the pad. If the wax is distributed on the pad evenly, it will be easily applied to the car’s surface.
  3. Attach the pad to the Electric Buffer for car. 
  4. Now, we set up the car wax buffer. Put it on the lowest settings and see if you can work with that speed. If needed, raise it to the higher settings.
  5. Once the buffer is ready, work on the surface of the car at a steady, light pressure. 
  6. Work in sections with straight, long, and sweeping strokes.
  7. When you find the dazzling glare satisfying, you can stop your buffing.
  8. Use the microfiber towel to wipe the surface. Again, please pay special attention to not applying too much pressure while doing it.

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Is it OK to Wax your Car with an Electric Buffer?

Yes, it is OK to wax your car with an electric buffer. The one to highlight here is the amount of time and effort it saves. You can wax the surface of the whole car with an electric buffer way faster than waxing with your hands. Plus, waxing with hands feels more of a chore whereas, waxing with an electric buffer is more of a fun thing as you need to invest less effort and you are using a tool.

Just because you have earned the glare you wanted does not mean it will last forever. So, what can you do about it? Your waxing might last longer than you expect it. You need to take care of the protective layer you have after waxing. It would be best to keep it clean from dust and grime from building upon it. Once in a week, give your car a blasting shower with the hose.

Best Electric Buffer Polisher and Buffing Kit for Car

Since we have learned about applying wax with buffers, now let us look into the top 5 buffer polishers and buffing kits for cars.

Avid Power Buffer Polisher

Avid Power Buffer Polisher

First on our list is the best car buffer for beginners that is just perfect for removing swirls, scratches, and defects in all painted vehicles. Available in 2 colors, Avid Power Buffer Polisher runs at a no-load speed of 1500-6800 rpm and can reach a high speed of 1500/ min.

There is more to our best car buffer polisher. It has variable speed control (6-speed control) and can be applied on sand or metal. Its Ergonomic design gives a rubberized body & an adjustable handle, which makes it easy to operate. If this isn’t, then what is the best car buffer and polisher?

Black & Decker Random Orbit Waxer/ Polisher

Black & Decker Random Orbit Waxer/ Polisher

Black & Decker Random Orbit waxer/ Polisher is the best orbital polisher on our list. Available in two colors with a 10 feet cord for excellent mobility, our best orbital polisher has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

Moreover, the speed of 4400 orbital per minute, and the polishing bonnet ensure a swirl-free and high-quality finish to the surface of your car. It contains two handles for the comfort of usability, so you can easily control your application. Unlike other orbital polishers, it comes with a foam applicator for wax or polish application. 

SPTA Buffer Polisher Set

SPTA Buffer Polisher Set

SPTA buffer polisher set is the best variable speed polisher that comes third in our list. Its ball-bearing construction ensures long life. It comes with polishing pads, wool pads, and backing plates of different sizes for fast and proper finishing of your car detailing.

Moreover, there are 180 mm rotary polishers and a powerful motor of 1200 W. You can customize the speed you want to use with variable speed features. The feature that differentiates it from other electric car buffers is that it comes with detachable handles. You can set your handles however you are comfortable.

Electric Buffer Polisher Kit

Electric Buffer Polisher Kit

In No. 4, we have the best polisher for auto car detailing. The electric buffer polisher kit comes with a rotary polisher, 6-Inch Loop Backing Plate, D-handle, Side Handle, Sponge Wheel, and many more. Even though it has wide applications, some might argue that it is indeed the best polisher for cars.

This 1580W High-performance electric car polisher is heat resistant and produces the lowest noise possible. On top of it has 7 variable speed settings, which you could customize for your convenience. Its detachable handles also allow you to use the polisher however you like.

Chemical Guy Random Polisher Kit

Chemical Guy Random Polisher Kit

No. 5 in our list is the professional car polishing tools. Chemical Guys Random Polisher Kit with Pads, Polishes & Compounds is most suited for heavy-duty construction. Its 2800 – 7800 RPM power band is ideal for polishing, waxing, cleaning, and many more. It has streamlined control for maximum comfort while working.

It is a low-powered ( 700 W) motor that works at 120 V to glaze within minutes. It can be used to polish cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and many other automotive surfaces without you worrying about any kinds of strain or fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Your car is not just a machine that takes you from here to there. It says a lot about you and your personality. Many people will judge your taste based on the things you own. 

That is why people invest so much of their time and effort to make their car as glamorous as they can, and they love doing it. Here, we have talked about electric buffers and how they can increase the beauty of the car. They will come to great use in the future and keep the shine of your vehicle, everlasting.

Moreover, you have learned how to wax with an electric buffer for car and the best electric buffer polisher and buffing kit for the car, so you know what to use and how to use it. If that is said positively if possible not enough for you, you can always peek at our FAQ section for more. 

FAQs about Electric Buffer for Car

What Is The Difference between A Buffer and A Polisher?

Even though both works to make the car look shiny and glamorous, the key difference between them is how they bring it to your car’s surface. Polishing involves the use of abrasive products that restores the paint. This, in turn, brings out the luster. But buffering is different. It modifies and improves the car paint or the clear coat.

Can You Apply Wax with A Buffer?

Yes, you can apply wax with an electric buffer. Make sure to apply the wax on the finishing pad and then use the buffer to apply the wax to your car.

Can You Polish The Car with A Buffer?

Yes, you can polish the car with a buffer. But you must keep an eye on using the right kind of car polisher.

Can You Remove A Scratch with An Electric Buffer?

No, you can not remove a scratch with an electric buffer. You will end up doing more damage to the surface of the car.

How Long Can You Leave Wax on A Car Before Buffing?

The time you will be leaving the wax on your car depends on the environment. The estimated time is around 15 to 25 minutes.

Can You Put Too Much Wax on A Car?

No, you cannot. It would be best if you always used wax responsibly. Waxing too much can damage factory clear coating as it will cause build-up and clouding.

How Many Times A Year Should You Wax A Car?

There is no exact answer to this question. But, it is recommended that you wax your car twice a year.

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