How to Make a Car Shine Without Wax? – Try This Trick!

A shiny new car can give you an awesome feeling. It’s difficult to bring the shine back once there are scratches or dents. Taking care of your car is not so tough, but some people have misconceptions. It might be a big question about how to keep your car shinier for as long as possible.

How To Make A Car Shine Without Wax

Using excessive car waxing sometimes may damage the surface of your car. People would like to have a shiny car without damaging it. Now the question is, how to make a car shine without Wax or using other chemicals? There are some natural products we are using at home that can help your car get a shiny look. Such as vinegar, hair conditioner, and other daily usable products. These daily needs ingredients can shine your car without damage. So let’s get started.


Requirements Before Shining a Car

The shine of your car depends on maintaining some requirements. Only Polishing is not enough for your car. Polishing does not provide a shiny look to your car. You have to use Waxing to shine your car.  So before shine, please make sure of the following requirements given below.

  • Status of the paint

If you have a new car, you do not have to think about the paint of your car. It may take a few years to damage car paint if you care for your car. 

Stronger abrasives like rubbing compounds can remove paint. When you wax your car, it may hide under Waxing. If you wash and care for your car regularly, your paint will last long.

  • Free from Pollution

When cleaning the car, it’s important to remove all grime and dirt from its body. It will not only make your car look better but also allow detailing products to perform effectively. There are a few methods you can employ to clean your car. 

You can use car shampoo or car soap, or other natural cleaning ingredients. But make sure your car is completely clean before waxing.

  • Protecting car paint

Protecting car finishes is important. Car paint requires special protection to keep your car looking new, no matter if it’s old. A synthetic coating can help your car paint extra protection. The protection helps your car paint long-lasting with glossy surfaces.

Protecting car paint
  • Polishing your car

Polishing your car is a great way to make it look nice. Your car can damage when it comes to ultraviolet light. Or if your car is dirty, it might be a good idea to polish your car. Polishing helps you to remove minor scratches or any little marks or other stains. It can give you a smooth outlook. If you don’t have time to polish your car, you can still do something to keep it looking nice.

  • Waxing Properly

Waxing is the final process by which you can get a shiny look at your car. But Waxing a car is not a very easy process.  Because car waxing indicates- car washing, car drying, and car wax. You do not wax your car without polishing. If you are a car owner, you need to do everything by yourself for its shiny look. The Shine system comprises two parts. 

First is the auto dry technology. It washes off dust particles or dirt on the surface of your car. The second part is Shine Spray-on polymer coating. It adds sheen and enhances the durability of the car paint surface for the long term. A regular application of the shining process restores shine naturally without detailing or polishing the car.

  • Glaze Your Car

Glazing your car is a crucial step in car care. It is a type of pain treatment that can fill up a little scratch from the surface. Car owners want to do everything to keep their cars looking new. Like any other car wax, the product needs to apply on a dry surface. It is a very common thing to wash cars before applying this glaze. 

What’s The Difference Between Waxing and Polishing?

Before knowing about how to make a car shine without Wax, you should have sound knowledge about the differentiation between wax and polish. Well, most people do not have proper knowledge about Waxing and Polishing. Some may think they are the same process. But they have different roles in caring for your car. Wax Or Polish can be done at home or by professionals. It depends on the serious damage to your car.

Waxing a car helps in having a smooth, shiny look for your vehicle. It also helps in getting rid of small scratches on its body. You can do Waxing at home by using a handheld kit. Waxing cannot help you remove large scratches. If your vehicle’s body is being hit by rocks while driving and the scratch is little, you can remove it by waxing. But you should probably take it to an auto repair shop if you have large scratch marks on the surface.

On the other hand, Polishing is the cleaning process of your car. It helps your car in removing oxidation or light swirl marks. It can handle small scratches on your vehicle’s body. Wax Or Polish cannot remove deep scratch marks on the car surface. There are various types of polishing needs for a car, like compounding or glazing and so on. You should consider using a buffer if you have any scratches around the body of your car. 

So, Waxing is a protective solution with a shine to make your car shiny. Polishing is a cleaning process to shine off of your car’s paint.

How Can you Polish Without Waxing?

Polishing can be a great alternative if you want to have a shiny surface of your car. Lookin’ fresh without having all those waxes slung around. It’s as simple as applying. You can use it as a base layer over your favorite Wax or Spray Wax to create a super-shiny finish. It gives you superior results. The extra layer of protection from this high-shine polish will prolong the life of your car.

It helps prevent oxidation that can weaken the structure of the surface. Polish without Waxing may create shine for your ride, but it is unable to protect the surface.  After removing all contaminants, polishing with a new clear coating can go for a few months without Waxing or sealant. But we suggest you go with a sealant.

How Do you Make Homemade Car Polish?

You can polish your car by yourself if it needs Polishing. You can apply some DIY ingredients to polish your car. Homemade car polish is especially great for cars that are outside on the road all day long. Because it also helps to remove small particles on the surface of your vehicle without scratching it. 

  • Firstly, take three parts: lemon juice or vinegar. Then mix it with two parts olive oil or any cooking oil. Be careful that the mixture is well combined before applying it.
  • After the mixture is all-together, apply it to your car like regular Wax. The homemade car polish will create a shine on the spot. For the best results, leave it for 30 minutes before removing it with water. 

If applying homemade car wax, apply about two coats with a 1-2 minute gap between each coat. You will notice that water beads up less frequently after you apply this for more than 15 minutes.

How To Make a Car Shine Without Wax Naturally?

If you want a shiny car naturally, you should follow some easy instructions to get shine. It sines your car without using car wax or auto detailing.

  • Use Hair conditioner

There is no doubt that your car will be affected by various sources such as sunlight, pollution, scratches and simply from normal use. The Ingredients you need- a large bucket, 3 dry and clean microfiber towels, dish soap, and your favorite hair conditioner.

Use Hair conditioner for Shine Without Wax

Please follow these easy instructions. Place your car in such an area where it has adequate shades. Fill a  bucket with water and a little amount of dish soap. Take a microfiber towel and start cleaning one side with soapy water.

When the water gets dirty, make sure to leave it and get new like previous. Take one side of your car and apply soapy water. Then rinse it well. Apply the same on another side of your car. Then take two cups of fresh water and add some hair conditioner. Apply the mixture to the car using a clean microfiber towel. After applying it, rinse it off. Take a dry and clean microfiber towel to make your car surface dry. Enjoy the natural shiny look!

  • Use Vodka

If you want to keep the car shining without Wax, car detailing experts have a solution. Use vodka! Vodka is more than just a tasty drink. It also shines car parts that are made of metal. 

For example, Vodka will remove all dirt and dust from the exhaust pipe of your car without causing any damage. The best thing about using vodka on car parts is that it doesn’t leave stains or white residue marks. 

To apply vodka, use a lint-free cloth and gently polish the surface until they become shiny and polished again. Repeat if necessary.

Another car part where vodka can be used to clean the car batteries. The car battery compartment often becomes dirty. 

Not only do they get dirty because of dust but also with grease and oil. It can cause stains on car seats or carpets in your car. Just pour enough vodka to cover the car battery, let it stand for a few minutes, then wipe it with a lint-free cloth until all dirt has been removed. You will see that your batteries become clean without removing their protective layer against acid spills!

  • Use White Vinegar

In the wintertime, bring out the chamois, warm water, and car shampoo for cleaning. After drying with the chamois, you probably think it’s time for some carnauba wax. 

Use White Vinegar for Shine Without Wax

But wait! There is an alternative way to polish your car or truck without using carnauba wax or chemicals. White vinegar has many household uses where it combines power and gentleness. It is a unique chemical makeup containing 5% acetic acid in distilled water and 20% water content. 

Vinegar doesn’t cut through the dirt as fast as carnauba wax does. And it is very easy to finish. It only takes 15 minutes to use. You can use white vinegar to clean car windshields. In winter, it helps your glass to be frost-free. Take three portions of water and one portion of white vinegar. Please keep the mixture in a spray bottle. Now you can apply it gently and wipe it out.

  • Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a fantastic car shining agent. You can use toothpaste without having to worry about Wax. Toothpaste can be an excellent way to clean up your car’s surface. It works very quickly and easily. You can use it before giving a wash. Use toothpaste and take a cloth.  

Take some toothpaste on the cloth and wipe over the body of the car until it’s completely covered in foamy paste. After that, rinse it off with a hose and dry the car.

  • Use Olive oil 

If you don’t like toothpaste for car shine, try olive oil instead. This popular cooking ingredient makes an excellent car shine as well. Just make sure you use pure olive oil. Please do not use extra virgin olive oil because extra virgin has chemicals that may damage the paint on the car. You can apply some olive oil onto a cloth and then wipe it over the car. You can use a little bit of elbow grease in it. Please make sure you don’t miss any spots.

  • Use Coca-Cola to shine car

Did you know that some car owners have been using Coca-Cola to make cars Shine? If car care companies can use car paints and chemicals, why should we not try Coca-Cola? The principle is very simple. 1 part of dishwashing liquid + 2 parts of Coca-Cola + a bucket for washing your car.

CocaCola using for car shne

Mix them, then wash your car as usual. You will be surprised by how shiny and smooth your car’s surface will become!

  • Use Baking Soda for cleaning car

Baking soda is another car surface cleaner that you can use instead of car wax. This car cleaning method is more effective than car wax. It works much better than dish soap. 

Baking soda does not contain any harmful ingredients that affect the paint. You have to mix a spoonful of baking soda in a bucket of water. Before using a sponge, you should apply it all over the body of your car. 

Then, rinse well with clean water and dry off with a chamois cloth for easy shining!

  • Use Rubbing alcohol to maintain cleaning

You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the car. Alcohol evaporates quickly. It also helps you clean, leaving no residue behind. Pour some in a spray bottle. Dilute it with water and then wipe it down. Rinse off any excess liquid with a car wash sprayer.

  • Use Cornstarch

After washing it a few times, the car starts to lose its shine and looks grey. At this point, car care companies recommend that you use car polish or car wax to remove these substances. It causes an inconvenience for car owners. The residues cause a hazy film which makes the surface of the car dull.

You can try using cornstarch as a dry shampoo for your vehicle. To obtain a perfect finish, you need to rub the mixture into each panel of the car. Then wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. Enjoy natural shine!

  • Use Onion Peels To Shine Your Car

Onions contain sulfur, which can help remove rust from car surfaces and make them look shiny and new again. Before using the onion peels, you should rub them on any rusty parts of your car. Next, use the onion peels to scrub down your car’s paintwork until it looks shiny and new again. Rinse well when finished.

  • Clean Up With Baby Oil And Newspaper

Cleaning the car body is very hard work because you have to rub oil all over a soapy sponge for a long time. For removing dirt, use baby oil to clean the car body. It is cheaper than car wash liquid and car wax. When you rub with baby oil, the dust will stick to the newspaper with a shiny look.

  • Use Dryer Sheets To Clean Car Body
Use Dryer Sheets To Clean Car Body
Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

This method is similar to the onion peels method. But this time, make sure that your car surface is 100% dry before starting. Or a single water drop could leave a spot on your shiny car. Just dampen a dryer sheet in some warm water. Before using it, you have to wipe down your car. The chemicals inside the dryer sheets will help remove dirt from your car. Try not to let them touch any painted surfaces. Or they may end up leaving behind some stains.

How do I Get my Car Shinier Like Glass?

Before you take any steps to your car, you should wash it properly. Wash the paint with a bar of pure liquid soap. It should contain no wax or shine enhancers after washing; dry with a lint-free towel. Make sure the towel does not scratch the surface of the paint of your car. 

Use clay bars every other time you wash your cars. It prevents build-up and can dull your shine over time. You should dry your car off with great care. It would help if you used a clean microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture. 

 Car Shinier Like Glass

Never use paper towels or other rough materials because they will cause scratches in the paint. 

One of the best ways to shine your car is to use a paint decontamination process. The purpose of this step is to remove any brake dust and other contaminants. Making corrections to your paint condition on problem areas is very important to hold a shiny look. 

If you take great care of your car by applying the following steps, your car will shine like glass. It would be best if you protected the finish with a quality coating. Coating your car with a quality shine product protects it from environmental stress.

Final Words

To maintain a shiny look is more important for your personality than having a car. If you will be able to hold a shiny look, the car grabs the attention of all people. The shining car will add extra attention to your personality. We think now you have more knowledge on how to make a car shine without Wax. And this blog might help you know some crucial information about cleaning and shining cars. You should manage your time to clean or shine your car.  The process is not so tough at all. So you can do it yourself at home without Wax. Happy Riding!

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